Decorating Eggs

I have found memories of dying Easter eggs growing up.  Now that Maggie is 3, it was time to carry on the tradition with her.

SAMSUNGIn my family (and Kryz’s), we always drained the raw egg out of the shell rather than hard boiling it.  Using this method, we are able to keep the eggs from year to year.  My parents have eggs that my great grandmother made us when we were young.  I wanted to teach my daughter how to do it so that maybe one day she can show these eggs to her children!

SAMSUNGI was amazed at how different the dyes are today than when I was a kid.  I bought a $2 standard PAAS kit at the grocery store and used the vinegar method which is what we always did growing up.  Maggie loved having so many different choices of color.  She loved using the little egg wire that comes with the kit to stir each one.  But after less than a minute, she was ready to take them out!  I decided to let go of my need to make them look perfect and let her enjoy the process.  Her favorite activity was to take one egg and dip it in each color of dye.  Her fingers were dyed as much, if not more, than the eggs!

SAMSUNGIn the end, letting her take the reigns absolutely paid off.  The eggs have a gorgeous marbled effect, and even the ones that were in only a minute came out bright and saturated.  Later in the day, Kryz found some ribbons in my sewing area.  He and Maggie added the ribbons to a few of the eggs like he remembers doing as a kid.  I’m so happy that both of us were able to share some quality time and family traditions with her and that we will have these eggs to cherish for years to come.


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