Pinspired: Felt Christmas Tree

So far this Holiday season we have made 2 projects that I saw on Pinterest.  (By the way, you can find me here – Fleur d’Emily.  I love Pinterest, and spend way too much time on there.)

Anyway, this is the first project we did – a Felt Christmas Tree. I had all the supplies on hand – basically just felt.  It’s not super fancy or perfect, but I’m working on lowering my expectations of myself.  The truth is my daughter doesn’t care that every light is not the exact same size, or that the ornaments aren’t super detailed.  She just loves having her own tree to decorate, and undecorate, and decorate again.

I made it in about an hour while watching a movie with my husband after Magpie fell asleep (a rare occurrence as I am typically so exhausted after she falls asleep that staying up and doing anything is out of the question).  In very atypical fashion for me, I just grabbed a pair of scissors and started cutting.  No careful patterns to follow, no planning out my idea in advance.  And it worked just fine.  I used some tacky glue to glue some small gray rectangles on the top of circles to make ball ornaments.  I used a black sharpie to put faces and buttons on the gingerbread men.

One thing I tried that didn’t quite work out was the strings of lights.  I just cut some bulb shapes out of yellow felt and glued it onto some green yarn.  First of all, I should have threaded the bulbs on the yarn as a few have fallen off already.  Secondly, Magpie has a hard time sticking them up.  In order to get them to stick you have to press on at least 2-3 bulbs, which she just doesn’t get.  Maybe she will pick it up, but for now she asks for my help when she gets to the lights.

Another thing we are struggling with is hanging up the tree.  I attached it to the side of our pantry cabinet with some masking tape.  The tape sticks great to the cabinet, but the felt not so much.  The tree falls down if you leave it up for awhile, especially if it is fully decorated.  Magpie doesn’t seem too fazed by it though, she has turned it into part of the game.  After she has taken down all of her ornaments and put them back in the box, she insists on taking the tree off the wall as well.  Next year I might try a nail or thumb tacks in the wall?

Overall it was a quick and easy project, cost me nothing and Magpie loves it!  So a success all around!


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